Walter Nihot Owner of Walair and his hobbies

Walter Nihot (Walter for his customers) of Walair Separation systems has built hundreds of Air separation systems in the Recycling Industry worldwide during its 42 year career.
The air separating installations are designed under the supervision of Walter Nihot and are manufactured and installed worldwide.  After selling the family company in the year 2000 Walter started his new company Walair. The goal of Walair is to supply a solution for each separation and waste problem with or ithout using air technics.
The Walair office is situated in Zandvoort where the top floor is rebuilt into the Walair office. The production of the Walair Separation systems takes place in the North of Holland.

Walair uses its own fitters to build and start-up the separation systems. The Walair company has agencies in over 10 countries and Walter Nihot is still looking for new opportunities. In Walair Walter Nihot cooperates with his wife Monique.  His daughter Josi Nihot helps out with the website and the social sites.

All Walair air separation systems are produced at Holtrop. At Visser in Bolward the required conveyor belts for the Walair separation systems are produced.  Interested have a look at the websites of Holtrop and Visser. and

Walter Nihot and his hobbies 

Walter Nihot has several hobbies like traveling, sportscars, diving, underwater photography. Walter especially loves the combination of travel, diving and underwater photography.  He shares his hobbies with his daughter Josi and his wife Monique.



Traveling is a result of the worldwide supply of air separation installations. Quite regularly Walter spent some extra days at nice locations. And when it was possible he took a look in the underwater world. Last couple of years he travels quite regular with the motorhome.


Diving is another joint hobby of the Nihot Family. In the last 15 years they have made hundreds of dives all over the world. Walter and Josi make pictures and Monique makes underwater videos. Curious about their pictures and videos, press the link below.


Photography was the biggest hobby of Walter his father. His dad Evert Nihot was a very good photographer, who learned Walter a lot of photography. From the moment the Nihot Family started diving, they never went underwater without cameras.
Josi Nihot at the age of 10 started with underwater photography.
At the age of 15 years she started to make pictures above the water. At this moment, after a photography study, she is a quite known photographer. Her specialties are bridal and fashion photography.

Interested in her work, take a look at the following sites. , en op  


This is THE shared hobby of the Nihot family. Quite often they drive the race track in Zandvoort. Daughter Josi is a driving instructor at Rob Slotemaker, where you learn to deal with difficult driving conditions. The brand Donkervoort and Lotus are there favorites.
In the past Walter Nihot organized car trips for the Dutch Donkervoort club Holland, like organized week trips to several European countries. Interested take a look on the Donkervoort photo album.